Beach Camping in Rishikesh

camping in rishikesh

Relish the natural and beautiful vacation at the Treepie Beach camping where Beach camping packages are offered for a memorable holiday. Treepie Beach camping in rishikesh offers a stay in Cottage where you can enjoy midnight bonfire, healthy and delicious food at camp base and adventurous sports at river coasts.

Operated near the bank of the river huel, Treepie Beach camping in Rishikesh is the best way to experience the unspoiled beauty of nature and enjoy the tranquillity. You’ll be rewarded with mesmerizing views of the Huel river & Himalayan valleys.

Treepie Beach campsite is easily accessible from the road; The Treepie Beach camping package in Rishikesh includes stay-in Cottage, 3-time meals, evening snacks, & camp games.

If you are planning your vacations in Rishikesh then you must have the adventurous experience of rafting in Rishikesh as well as the beautiful experience of camping in Rishikesh under the clear sky full of twinkling stars. Camping in Rishikesh is a famous thing to do in Rishikesh

Camping is one of those recreational activities which is best to discover the unexplored and appreciate the company of friends and family. Camping in Rishikesh is the ideal activity to do in Rishikesh for Backpacker and families alike as there are a lot of places to visit in Rishikesh, there is no age limit for camping in Rishikesh.

Spend a beautiful night with the shining stars and wake up to the melodious chirping of some beautiful birds and witness the beautiful sunrise while Camping in Rishikesh.

Beach Camping Package in Rishikesh

camping package in rishikesh

As the area has Rajaji National park on both sides, a good variety of rare Himalayan birds can be seen. Evenings at campsite are romantic, fun-filled and exciting. Pleasant sound of the rapids on the river echoes in the valley and camping around such an amazing natural surroundings is a lifetime experience in itself. The starlit sky, silhouette of the mountains, rippling sound of the river and shimmering of bonfire, this is a great way to explore the outdoors.

A beautiful perennial river Huel flows at 50 steps from the resort and meets the Ganges after 1 Km. You can enjoy the beauty of river Ganges along with the blessings at a distance of 10 minutes trek from the resort. There are 2 waterfalls at a trek able distance from the resort.

You can enjoy bonfire with friends and families. Our guests get so much carried away in the ambiance that they keep on singing and dancing around the bonfire. We entertain guests to carry their own musical instruments so that the bonfire can be more fun. Book now to build fabulous memories with friends, family, colleagues or go solo..!!

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